World Technology Innovations

Canadian innovation consulting company Select Trading Solutions Inc is an independent expert in developing international innovative business. Our international team provides services to partners from many countries. We focus on commercialization of innovative international projects.

Innovation is the result of transformation of ideas, researches and developments. The goal of our team is the innovation that we have found to be recognized in using of practical human activity.

It is known the innovation is 1% of the invention and 99% of enterprise. We offer you cooperation using our enterprise.

Company Select Trading Solutions Inc is a partner - your partner. We are ready to work with you as a common team. Creative strategy of the team is skilled and individual approach to problem solving, combined with our knowledge, business contacts and expertise.

Innovation and investment activities of the team are organizational, financial, commercial, scientific and technical activities; there are essential components in promotion and commercialization of innovations and commercial projects.

If you have a project and it is unique in its kind, we are ready to cooperate with you to find an investors, partners or buyers for your projects in such countries as Germany, Switzerland, Malta, China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

We can help you to sell or to buy a products in which you are interested, raw materials, real estate, business or technology, as well as to find a strategic partner in the above mentioned countries.

We have created this resource for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.