About Us

Select Trading Solutions Inc

Select Trading Solutions Inc. is headquartered in Toronto (Canada). Focused on commercialization of international innovative projects, we build and maintain an information database on advanced technological developments, ground-breaking scientific discoveries, and unique equipment manufacturing, finding potential investors and consumers of the new technology worldwide.

Select Trading Solutions Inc. offers a wide variety of investment programs engaging venture capital through recognized European investment funds and private investors.

- Long-term Venture Capital Loans;

- Direct Venture Capital Investment;

- Private Placement Programs - FED (The Federal Reserve System);

Select Trading Solutions Inc. has tight business connections within governing organizations and large corporations of Eastern Europe (i.e. Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, and Moldova) and Western Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Malta, and Italy).

We have forged partnership with Universities, Research Institutes, scientists, and innovators from the aforementioned countries as well as the Chambers of Commerce of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Moldova.

Select Trading Solutions Inc. supports our clients’ participation in exhibitions of all levels in Russia, including but not limited to EXPOCENTRE International exhibitions and conventions in Moscow.

We offer legal support to our clients on a global scale, overseeing their rights on intellectual property and resolving any customs related issues. We provide our clients with guidance on customs dispute settlement in Russian Federation, relying on thorough knowledge of International Trade Legislation, Tax Law, Foreign Exchange Regulations, and Customs Policies.

Select Trading Solutions Inc. fulfills orders for development, manufacturing, and import/export of unique equipment for oil and gas production, and private and government security services.

We have a wide area of interest which includes alternative energy sources, ecology, medicine and healthcare, nanotechnology, biotechnology, industrial chemistry, oil and gas industry, construction and urban development, high tech, and industrial manufacturing.